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Learning to Connect, One Post at a Time


I’ve never been very good at social media. I seldom tweet or post, no hashtags, no re-tweets.  I don’t keep up with the new social media apps. I just didn’t see the point. Over the last few weeks, my perspective changed significantly, for two big reasons. The first reason is that I spent half my […]

Viral Celebs in Advertising


You know and I know that it’s nearly impossible to MAKE something go viral.  Going viral is like falling in love. How do you know when you’re truly in love? You can’t plan for it, you can’t force it, but as they say: When it happens, you just know. Just like Sweet Brown knew, when […]

Pepsi Goes Rogue


If you happened to be playing basketball with your friends outside in Bloomfield, New Jersey this year, and an old, soulful senior citizen infiltrated and took over the game, you may have been the victim of some superb rogue marketing. Or the benefactor, as we like to think of it. In a fantastic, and very […]

Why Do Videos Go Viral?


Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager at YouTube, hosts a TED Talk about why video’s go viral. A hilarious look into a few of the most viewed video’s of 2010/2011, and how influencers impacted their global reach.

Field Notes: Red Blooded for Valentines Day


Sometimes, when you’ve got something important to say, it’s much easier to put it in writing. Things like “I quit,” or “I’m sorry,” or “you are not the father.” And, of course, saying something like “I love you” is no exception either. Maybe you haven’t said it before, or haven’t said it enough, or said […]