What Brands Can Learn From Humans


A wise man once told me that if humans communicated with each other in real life, the way brands do with us online, we would have no friends. We’d all be yelling at each other “Hey! I’m awesome! Hey did you know I’m amazing? Hey PS check out what I own, check out what I […]

A Viral Death

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 5.43.22 PM

Going “viral” is a funny thing. You can’t know if your video will ever go viral. You can’t plan for it to go viral. You can’t predict it will go viral. You can’t guarantee it will, or force it to go viral. The only thing you can ever really know about a viral video is […]

Sweating Yet?

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Fear. It’s long been used as a tool to market specific products or services. But in a new digital campaign for Nivea, fear mongering is taken to a whole new level. To launch a new deodorant, aimed at conquering stress-related perspiration, the German division of the Nivea marketing team decided to target unsuspecting travelers, and […]

Can Crest Go Viral?

crest viral yellow teeth pulp fiber

What makes a video go viral? Humour? Humiliation? Star power? It seems that the answer is all of the above. Take, for example, Natalie Portman rapping in a Saturday Night Live Digital Short. Or there are the videos of people that were probably meant to remain private and have now become public fodder. Think something […]

PSA Uses Humor To Cure AIDS

AIDS PSA Galifianakis

An international poverty organization known as ONE has taken to the viral circuit to spread a very serious message, with a surprisingly funny twist. The PSA was produced by Funny Or Die, which, in this case, is quite fitting considering the subject matter. Headed by comedian Zach Galifianakis to lead a band of other well-known […]