Dove’s Latest Deception

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One of the biggest criticisms of the advertising industry, generally speaking, is that it’s dishonest.  Commercials tell parents that putting a fatty chocolate-hazelnut spread on their kids’ toast in the morning will make them do better in school. Kim Kardashian tells viewers, on behalf of Sketchers, that if you wear those ugly rocking-chair-like sneakers, your […]

Does Pink Appeal to Women?


Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls… or at least that’s how it’s marketed.  This colour-coded (mis)conception has been active for decades, and the practice of applying gender to colour dates way, way back. For example, in 1856 it was reported that Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie of France prepared little blue outfits […]



The Spice Girls made a few questionable choices. Most obviously with their outfit choices. But also with their lyrics. I’ll have you know that “zigazigah” is not a real word. That said, they did get one thing right. That whole girl power thing. Women are tough. Women are smart. Women are, indeed, powerful. However advanced […]

Debate: Violence in Advertising

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Last week, a Portuguese events site released a TV spot that is creating quite a stir. Let’s start with a cliche. Set the scene. The ad for ‘’ shows a man checking this website in bed, using a shiny new iPad. Then, his “sexy” girlfriend, who appears to be feeling rather randy, decides she’s in […]