Cute Animals Boost Productivity


Well, this is good news if we’ve ever heard it. A new study out of Japan says that looking at photos and videos of adorable baby animals actually improves productivity at the office. Researchers at Hiroshima University say that looking at cute (which translates to kawaii in Japanese) images creates positive feelings that translate to […]

Hiring: Digital Project Coordinator 

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Company Description Community is a full service boutique marketing agency. We are passionate about finding the right combination of innovative initiatives to help our clients build a relationship between consumers and their Brand. We take pride in our work, capitalizing on the strengths of our client’s offerings, thinking strategically, harnessing our creativity, and planning accordingly […]

Fancy Branding

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There’s something to be said for comfort food. The stuff we all ate as kids. The stuff our parents would serve us when the thought of cranking up the oven and getting out the apron was too much to stomach. Tailgate food. Amusement park fare.  Block party spreads. The gourmet hamburger has already been done […]



First there were cat videos, then planking videos, then dog videos, followed by more cat videos. Viral trends are funny. Today, graduation speeches join the ranks of viral video fame. As it turns out, Ivy League Schools have been having the best success with their viral popularity, being that they have some money to spend […]