Teens a Powerful Force in Mobile App Use

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Teens are highly regarded by marketers and advertisers for their disposable income and potential lifelong brand loyalty, thus making them one of the most powerful consumer markets. Teen use of mobiles and tablets is growing significantly year over year.  Today 68% of teens use mobile devices to access the internet. A recent report conducted by GlobalWebIndex assessed the most […]

“Open Your Mouth” by Miracle Whip

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What do you do if there is an important issue that is being overlooked, one that needs the attention of the masses? Well, it’s a pretty simple answer, actually. Get all the celebrities you know together in one room, and sing it loud, sing it proud. Now, here’s how they tend to work. The bigger […]

The “Ultimat” Campaign


A Polish vodka brand stands as a shining example of the evolution of advertising  with a campaign that combines a loud message, a viral video, and a large dose of what’s known in the biz as experiential marketing. The white-collar folk of New York City and Chicago were treated to a complimentary window washing with […]

#Homechella: My Love For Live Streaming


Coachella. When the final line-up was released for this year’s festival, I had no words. If any of you know me, it’s very rare that I’m speechless. I wanted to go. I needed to go! I would do questionable things in order to get there. However, timing was not on my side. It would just […]

Why Do Videos Go Viral?


Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager at YouTube, hosts a TED Talk about why video’s go viral. A hilarious look into a few of the most viewed video’s of 2010/2011, and how influencers impacted their global reach.