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Social Media Wedding Etiquette : Pulp & Fiber Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Social Media Wedding Etiquette


I’m tearing a proverbial page from Colleen’s book, er um, blog today and talking once again about weddings and social. (Can you tell our social team is 75% females who are all in their late 20s? Poor Matt!) I have a couple weddings coming up over the next few weeks and stumbled across an article in Business Insider listing four wedding etiquette rules. In summary they were:

  1. Play it safe. Don’t tweet pics unless you know the bride and groom are cool with it.
  2. Once you know the plan, respect it. If there’s a no social media policy, don’t post stuff to social media. Duh.
  3. Don’t go overboard. Nobody wants to see 27 shots of the ceremony.
  4. Enjoy the moment firsthand. You won’t enjoy the moment if you’re watching it through your screen.

In addition to the tips above from Captain Obvious, I put together some more tactical guidelines for those of you planning on taking your smartphone to a wedding this summer:

  1. Put yourself second. If you snap a photo where you look ah-mazing, but it’s a bad shot of the bride? Don’t post it. It’s her day; no bride wants unflattering photos of herself putting up on Facebook. Can you say, #frenemy?
  2. Don’t drunk post. Bad things happen when you mix booze and social media – your judgement sucks and people generally look worse after several Manhattans. Do everyone a favour and keep your smartphone in your purse once people have a ploughed through a few cocktails.
  3. Be discreet. Nothing is worse than watching people stand up in their pew at inappropriate times to snap that perfect shot for Instagram…seriously, don’t be ‘that’ guest.
  4. Do you really need to post that? This is more of a style tip and is not limited exclusively to weddings, but trust me, that pic of you and girlfriends’ shoes? Your plate of food? Equal parts unoriginal and unnecessary.
  5. Be mindful when posting couple pics. A friend of mine uploaded a cute, couple-y pic of her and her date at a wedding, tagging him in the photo. The tricky part was, they weren’t an official ‘couple’, which created a bit of an awkward situation and lots of questions from both her and his friends, and eventually she removed the photo. So if your date is someone you’re just casually seeing, consider avoiding ‘couple’ pics unless you’re prepared to field questions about your new girl/guy.

I think I’ve covered most of my bases – what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Post your feedback in the comments!

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