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Caesarstone Stuns with “Swings” at the Interior Design Show : Pulp & Fiber Philippe Malouin & Caesarstone Give Interior Design Show Swings

Caesarstone Stuns with “Swings” at the Interior Design Show

Our favourite manufacturer of premium Quartz surfaces, Caesarstone, showcased their materials at the Interior Design Show, in a presentation entitled “Swings” in collaboration with renowned artiste Philippe Malouin. This installation materialized using quartz from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Series and the upcoming Concrete Series.


Swings was an interactive installation that invited IDS guests to take a swing on the circular 12-piece swing set in which the seats were made of actual Caesarstone quartz.  The minimalist design was a huge hit with the entire design community and enabled each person to release their inner child by taking a turn on the installation.


The positioning of play and contemporary art heavily influenced the piece. We worked with the team to provide experiential, digital and social support to amplify the message both offline and online. You can learn more about the exhibit and hear Malouin’s thoughts on the project via Caeasarstone’s blog.


In addition to supporting the interior design community with some relaxing fun on site at IDS, Caesarstone  contested two tickets to IDS opening night on their blog, which was a welcome surprise for fans of their recent holiday giveaway.

Philippe Malouin also designed the Caesarstone commercial booth just kiddy corner to the Swings exhibit. In this space was a bench-shaped table thinly shaven down to show the durability of Caesarstone. Propped onto the table were 12 uniquely designed planters also made out of Caesarstone, each specifically matched with a plant and together captured the essence of a tropical playground in Brasilia.


Our friends at 1188, created a video capturing the experience for those who weren’t able to attend in person.

What did you think of the “Swings” installation  and the Philippe Malouin collaboration?


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