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Live from your Smartphone App…it’s Saturday Night Live! : Pulp & Fiber SNL Skits video Released on Mobile App

Live from your Smartphone App…it’s Saturday Night Live!

The natural evolution of entertainment is to become increasingly immersive. During the digital revolution, we have seen more media companies embrace digital technologies to create multi-screen experiences in order to cater to the ever growing consumer market that is Gen Z .  The film and TV industry has leveraged digital solutions to pre-launch promotional tactics of the stunt variety. Over the long weekend, Saturday Night Live celebrated their 40th anniversary by showing the world a brand is never to old to embrace a new wave of communication through the launch of their first ever mobile app which showcased their 40  years of comedy history. WSJ reported research that 3/4th’s of SNL viewers are web savvy on mobile, which encouraged NBC to launch the mobile app.

SNL 40th Anniversary IOS Mobile App

The app, which houses over thousands of sketches, also offers a recommendation engine to discover sketches, a tool to browse clips by season or cast member, as well as engagement tools. SNL Mobile App While all the content includes sharable functionality, the most innovative feature was a custom emoji keyboard that integrated itself within your smartphone. We have our fingers crossed for a GIF option in the next version!

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Of course no producer would release their content online ad free, so viewers can expect to see a video ad for every 6 minutes of content they consume. Despite the video advertising component, the  app currently has 3 and 1/2 stars on Apple’s iTunes store.  Kudos to NBC Universal Media for putting the investment in to modernize and monetize content nearly half a century old!

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