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So clearly the dress is ___________________ : Pulp & Fiber So clearly the dress is ___________________

So clearly the dress is ___________________

Whether you saw the original colour of the dress, or were able to see the optical illusion within the photo, the debate was real.


Since Thursday evening, when the original image went viral there has been over 5.8 million mentions of “The Dress” worldwide (Sysomos). From T.Swift to Blake Griffin, everybody was weighing in on the controversy.

 Tswift Blake

As the debate spread, we took a look to see what the consensus is on what colour the Internet thinks the dress is.

As of now, there are 4.6 million impressions of #BlueandBlack, and 4.4 million impressions of #WhiteandGold. Take THAT white and gold believers.


This 4-day stretch of engagement is the type of results brands dream of with every “viral” campaign. Truth be told, you couldn’t have planned this stunt. According to many sources, the image is just an anomaly.  This meant that brands all jumped on the bandwagon to try and Newsjack this unbranded conversation.

Some, were right on point.



Others, a little too late.



As more social conversations create content for brands to pull from, we pose the question, is every hashtag an open opportunity for marketers? Or simply low hanging fruit for clever community managers? Maybe both? Give us your thoughts below!

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