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Getting Fit with Social

The sun is shining, the birds chirp, you feel a constant pull to get outside and appreciate the warm weather. It’s the ultimate sign summer has arrived. For many people this also rallies a desire to be more active.

It’s no surprise to us then, that many smart and innovative marketing campaigns from fitness brands are hitting the market recently.

Here are 3 campaigns that do a remarkable job of encouraging health and fitness through a digital experience.

  1. Reebok: #HuntForthePump

Back in April, Reebok launched #HuntforthePump on Instagram. The initiative was the first ever Instagram treasure hunt, which took users on a virtual run around San Francisco, in search of Reebok’s new trainer, “The ZPump Fusion”. Starting with the @zpump_startingline account, users would see a grid of photos with the Reebok Pump logo hidden within one panel. Liking the photo and clicking the logo took you through to the next destination on the virtual run, where you’d have to find another Pump symbol. Those who reached the finish line could enter for a chance to win a pair of the new Reebok ZPump Fusion Trainers.



Why we love it: Not only does this campaign play on the ever-growing popularity of Instagram, it also provides consumers with a unique experience that ties directly back the brand’s product. The consumer journey feels authentic as a result of how the platform fuels the desire to jump from one account to the next.

  1. Adidas – Run More Campaign

In an effort to reinforce itself at the champion of running culture, Adidas launched its Ultra Boost shoe with a “Run More” Campaign.


This mobile-friendly hub is built around custom running routes specific to major cities across Canada, allowing people to explore their city’s sights as they run, along with curated Spotify playlists meant to compliment the paths.

Why we love it: Adidas has directly catered to a consumer desire through a digital experience. Identify what your consumer craves, and deliver it before they even know they wanted it.

  1. Nike #Betterforit – Inner Thoughts

Nike took a new approach and capitalized on the not so glamorous side of workouts, with a nod to the “inner thoughts” women have when they work out. Through a series of tongue-in-cheek videos speaking to the realities of pursuing physical fitness, Nike celebrates the confidence needed to reach one’s goals.

Check out the video here

Why we love it: Awesome. Branded. Content. This video feels real, it speaks to consumers at their core, and it fosters positive thinking. Great content storytelling should deliver on more then a branded message. It should ignite action and passion.

What fitness brands do you follow on social? Share with us in the comments!


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