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Net Fixed


I’m just your average 24 year old female. I live in a downtown Toronto apartment with my best friend and our two dogs, I eat more fast food than I should be allowed to and I write blog posts sometimes. My daily schedule is also pretty average: Get up in the morning and take Bear (my pooch) […]

Back to School, Back to School


  Many people said goodbye to the summer yesterday, and hello to a new school year today! And this means Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been trending with #backtoschool & #firstdayofschool posts and pictures of kids sporting their new hip clothes, sneakers and backpacks.   Here are some ‘Back to School’ marketing tips and tricks. […]

Experiencing Brands through Technology

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge

  Experiential marketing creates an emotional and memorable connection between brand and consumer to influence consumer purchases.  In the past, this strategy included designing experiences which involved giving out free beers at organized parties or giving out a new pair of basketball player affiliated shoes to who ever could jump up to the shoes at a […]

Israeli Mickey D’s Ad Stars “Obama”

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 4.05.26 PM

What better time and place to reflect on the intricacies of American-Middle-East relations than a McDonald’s commercial? This week, a new ad for Israel’s privately owned McDonald’s chain made its debut on the web.  The commercial is from Yehoshua/TBWA, and stars an eerily convincing Obama doppelganger. In the spot, the U.S. President, while visiting Israel, […]

Baseball’s Best Ads


Sports and advertising go hand in hand. Baseball season kicked off this week, which means many of you have dusted your armchairs off, and got your beer-drinking pants out of storage. Who doesn’t love this game? Well, truth be told, I’m not really a baseball person myself. Probably because I was forced to play on […]