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Is there still a place for Print Media in a Digital World?


There have been many discussions to whether or not there is a foreseeable death sentence for print media, in the up and coming future.  Will we all be completely  converting to digital mediums for things we’ve relied on paper for, in our day to day lives? Or, are people just succumbing to the mindset of […]

We <3 Design

paolo mural

Pulp&Fiber has done a lot of amazing, award winning work, for an incredible list of clients. Behind our creative work, are creative minds. Go figure. Paolo Guarnaccia, aka  Johnny Cobalto is one of our key members that lives and breathes art. He brings a unique, creative approach to any project he touches, whether it is developing print […]


Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 3.59.17 PM

It’s Friday afternoon, just FYI. And every Friday, right about now, we start to go cross eyed with exhaustion from a week of work well done. How do our Friday’s look? After scanning through a list of 50 Awesome Reaction GIFS  we have complied an animated blog post that paints the perfect picture. Sometimes we’re […]

Mini Marketing Moguls


Having a toddler around can teach you many things: How to wipe someone else’s bum, the importance of a five star safety rating, and of course, how to force feed lima beans into a tiny hole. But what you may not know is that toddlers are also crash courses in advertising. A new article from […]



First there were cat videos, then planking videos, then dog videos, followed by more cat videos. Viral trends are funny. Today, graduation speeches join the ranks of viral video fame. As it turns out, Ivy League Schools have been having the best success with their viral popularity, being that they have some money to spend […]